Spare parts

UNGM-DR delivers on quick and timely basis such spare parts as bearings, labyrinth seals, sleeves, shafts, compressor and pump rotor components etc.
Advanced manufacturing technologies guarantee the high quality of the delivered spare parts allowing to decrease operating expenses and extend the life cycle of compressor and pump equipment.

UNGM-DR guarantees:

UNGM-DR provides warranty for all supplied compressor and pump spare parts and components.

Manufactured spare parts:

Thrust and journal bearing, Ø 160
Journal bearing, Ø 160
Journal bearing, Ø 130
6ВШ 1,6-2,0/250 DR 364.00.00ВМ compressor I stage piston
Journal bearing, Ø90 2Х09-13-СБВ
Journal bearing, Ø 130
Thrust and journal bearing, Ø80 2Х09.14СБ2
Bearing cap, РЦОТ4300
Collector ring 8ВЖ555.058
Seal ring 132.1.00 СБ
Seal ring 132.2.00 СБ
Ring ч23.7091.000
Ring ч23.7092.000
Sleeve 23.7071.000
Sleeve 23.7072.000
«TRIM– 619, 629»sleeve

Spare parts for ХБ 500/650 pump

ХБ-500/650 pump shaft
ХБ-500/650 pump wheel
ХБ-500/650 pump rotor
Gear coupling
Plunger, ПТ-1,6/250
Plunger, ТР-2,5/400
Plunger, ПТ-2,5/160
Plunger, ТР-10/100
Plunger, ТР-4/250
Plunger, Т-6,3/200
Valve, ПТ-1,6/250
Inlet valve,Т-6,3/200
Discharge valve, Т-6,3/200
Valve, Т-10/100
Valve, ПТ-2,5/160
Valve, ТР-2,5/400
ХМ 80-50-200К pump impeller
22-К-01 compressor piston rod
13-К-01В compressor piston rod
21-К-02 compressor piston rod
21-К-03 compressor piston rod
4АЗМП 800 kW motor bearing
180/1050 centrifugal pump bearing
КСВ125-55 pump bearing housing
Gas blower rotor, tag no. J0208
Journal bearing
Journal and thrust bearing
АТКА- 735 compressor journal and thrust bearing
Blind flange
Blind flange
External thread plug
Н 540-41-1 compressor rotor shaft