Equipment repair and servicing

UNGM-DR has all manufacturing (Oil, Gas and Chemical Machinery Plant) and technological (Dresser-Rand) capabilities necessary to do the quality repair and manufacture spare parts and components for compressors, turbines and other various equipment applied in the oil and gas industry, and has the following advantages:

UNGM-DR performs routine, mid-life and capital repair of compressor and pump equipment.

UNGM-DR together with DRESSER-RAND A SIEMENS BUSINESS offers to servicing solutions for maintenance and repair of compressor trains aimed at:

Servicing solutions:

All activities are performed in strict accordance with quality, health, safety and environment standard requirements.


In order to maximize the aftermarket sales the OEM’s try to imply various limitations by stating that all kinds of repair on their equipment must be done only at a specialized facility, namely at the OEM’s plant, monopolizing these activities by doing so.

And in fact everything except overhaul can be done at any facility that repairs similar equipment.

One of such examples is the repair of DATUM centrifugal compressor for Shurtanneftegaz done by UNGM-DR.




Intervention by the manufacturer’s representative for condition audit and removal (visa, international travel)

Not required – condition audit and removal is done UNGM-DR specialists

Transportation to the manufacturer’s facility (Europe, Americas)

Transportation only to Chirchik

Customs expenses

Not required

Routine repair procedures

Routine repair procedures

Intervention by the manufacturer’s representative for installation

Not required – is done UNGM-DR specialists

Using local specialists, no international transport and customs expenses make it possible to lower the repair of a single piece of equipment by 40-50%.