Rotor balancing

Unbalanced rotating parts of the compressing equipment is the main cause of early mechanical failure. When the rotor is unbalanced, the distribution radial forces becomes uneven resulting in radial runout. Over the course of time the adverse effects caused by unbalance only multiply and result in bearings, seals, couplings and other compressor components failure. Such effects can only be avoided by balancing the compressor in due time. Rotor balancing is a multistage process that requires special equipment. We use modern imported equipment for compressor rotor balancing that allows to achieve high precision: IRD balancing stand (USA) capable of handling rotors up to 2.5 tons Schenck balancing stand (Germany) capable of handling rotors up to 10 tons If during balancing it is determined that rotor is unbalanced, UNGM-DR specialists will remove the unbalance using state-of-the-art equipment and software. Professional and precise balancing of rotor assemblies is a foundation for long-lasting, reliable and uninterrupted operation of the equipment.