image001 Dresser-Rand is a worldwide leader in designing, manufacturing and servicing a wide variety of centrifugal and reciprocating compressors, steam and gas turbines, expanders and control systems. Multiple units and systems manufactured by Dresser-Rand have been successfully operated in many countries. These units and systems are installed at gas and oil processing plants, pipelines, chemical industry companies.

Siemens AG – German transnational concern working in the field of electrical engineering, electronics, energy equipment, transport, medical equipment and lighting as well as specialized services in various fields of industry, transport and communications. It has operations in around 190 countries and approximately 285 production and manufacturing facilities.

image002  Uzbekneftegaz National Holding Company is a large multi-industry complex of Uzbekistan and one of the key oil and gas companies in the Central Asia, whose activities include from exploration to sales of end products to consumers.

Uzbekneftegaz consists of six joint stock companies: Uzgeoburneftegaz, Uzneftegazdobycha, Uztransgaz, Uznefteprodukt, Uzneftegazstroyinvest, Uzneftegazmash.
Uzneftegazdobycha is a business unit of Uzbekneftegaz.


Uzneftegazdobycha is a business unit of Uzbekneftegaz.

The company’s activities are:

  • improved oil and gas fields development;
  • oil, gas and gas condensate production;
  • oil and gas condensate transportation;
  • gas processing and transportation up to interface points between the facilities of Uzneftegazdobycha and gas main pipeline systems of specialized enterprises of Uzbekistan engaged in gas transportation;
  • production of sulfur, liquefied gas and high refined products with production of polymers (polyethylene);
  • well workover;
  • construction and erection operations;
  • research and development;
  • production of consumer goods, provision of services purchased by the public;
 image004 Uztransgaz AK – the main purpose of Uztransgaz AK is an uninterrupted supply of the natural gas to consumers in the Republic of Uzbekistan and transportation, transit and export both inside the country and outside.

Uzneftegazmash AK – the main activity of Uzneftegazmash AK is the manufacturing of engineering products, including core equipment for petrochemical and oil and gas producing and processing companies of the oil and gas industry.
Uzneftegazmash AK consists of:

  • Oil, Gas and Chemical Machinery Plant OAO (Chirchik) – is the main plant, which specializes in designing, manufacturing and servicing the equipment for petrochemical, oil producing and other branches of industry.
  • Andijan Experimental Plant OAO specializes in manufacturing the spares parts for drilling equipment.
  • Kokand Mechanical Plant OAO specializes in manufacturing the oil processing equipment and its spare parts.
  • Bukhara Repair and Mechanical Plant OAO specializes in manufacturing the oil and gas and drilling equipment.
  • There are following companies on the premises of Oil, Gas and Chemical Machinery Plant OAO: Service Center UNGM-DR Uzbek-Holland Joint Venture that manufactures spare parts and services compressor and pump equipment.

Kokand Mechanical Plant

Field of activity.

Manufacturing spare parts diversity of metal ware, non-standard equipment, vessels under pressure for oil-gas and other fields.

Provided services

– Production of various types of dies and molds;

– Control of geometrical parameters of vessels;

– Test vessels working under pressure;

– Production of metal ware and non-standard equipment;

Main manufacturing production

– 5-50 m3 vessels, non-standard equipment working under pressure

– Automobile and domestic gas vessel (condensed gas, propane)

– Reservoir for oil and gas products working under pressure and variety of metalware

– Spare parts for drilling and other oil-field equipment.


Oil, Gas and Chemical Machinery Plant AO specializes in designing, manufacturing and servicing the following equipment:

  • oil and gas industry equipment;
  • packaged process units;
  • heat exchangers;
  • evaporators;
  • food industry equipment;
  • tanks and vessels;
  • filters;
  • centrifugal compressors and pumps;
  • drilling equipment and spares.
 image007 Mubarekneftegaz OOO is a subsidiary of Uzneftegazdobycha AK (Tashkent).
The area of core operations of the company is Kashkadarya, Bukhara and Navoiy regions.
The company produces oil, condensate and natural gas which are used at Mubarek Gas Processing Plant, Fergana and Bukhara Refineries and Navoiy Thermal Power Plant.
 image008 Shurtanneftegaz OOO is a subsidiary of Uzbekneftegaz NHC and the largest company in Uzbekistan that produces oil, gas condensate, natural gas and processes natural gas.
 image009 Mubarek Gas Processing Plant UDP is a unitary company under Uzneftegazdobycha AK that holds a prominent place in the oil and gas industry, development of the national economy and meeting the demand in liquefied gas in the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  Gazlineftegazdobycha UDP is the largest company in Uzbekistan that produces oil, natural gas, gas condensate, processes natural gas together with liquefied gas, sulfur, stable condensate and polyethylene.
  Transgaztkhnikbutlash UP is a subsidiary of Uztransgaz AK that supplies the material and technical resources.
image011 Ferganaazot OAO is a modern and highly automated company in the chemical industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Ferganaazot is a subsidiary of Uzkimyosanoat AK.
The company specializes mainly in manufacturing the products for agriculture, namely mineral (nitrogen) fertilizers and defoliants to speed up the ripening by removing the leaves of industrial crops before harvesting, as well as manufacturing the cellulose acetate for production of acetate fibers (threads).
Main products are:

  • Liquid ammonia;
  • Pelleted urea;
  • Ammonia nitrate, pelleted;
  • Chrystalline sodium chlorate;
  • Chlorate magnesium defoliant (liquid);
  • Cellulose diacetate.
image012 Navoiyazot OAO is the largest company in the chemical industry of Uzbekistan and leading mineral fertilizer and wide a wide variety of organic synthesis products manufacturer located in Navoiy of Navoiy region – one of industrially developed regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  Tashrangmetzavod AO manufactures secondary non-ferrous metals.
Manufacturing: secondary aluminum, aluminum blinds, non-ferrous scrap, suspended ceiling, aluminum gage material.
Services: collection and recycling of non-ferrous metal scrap.
  Toshikkikorametall DP– metal scrap collection and recycling. Ferrous metals recycling.
image013 Suvsoz GPU – the main goal of Suvsoz State Unitary Enterprise is an uninterrupted supply of quality drinking water to the residents and companies of Tashkent and Tashkent region (Kibray region, Zangiata region).
image014 Uzmetkombinat AO is a leading ferrous metals processing company in Uzbekistan.
The company manufactures:

  • rolled ferrous metal products (various gage)
  • rolled copper and its alloys products (various gage)
  • metalware (wire, welding rods, construction nails, steel mesh, enameled houseware: 43 articles, more than 264 types).

Non-metal products:

  • nitrogen, argon, oxygen;
  • M42, M62 lifting electric magnets with lifting capacity of 16 and 25 tons;
  • welding flux, type АН-348.
image015 Bekabad Cement AO is a leading cement manufacturer in Uzbekistan that specializes in manufacturing of various portland cements including:

  • Pozzolanic portland cement, type PPC 400 GOST 22266-94
  • Portland cement, type PC 400 D20 GOST 10178-85
  • Portland cement without mineral additives, type PC 400 D-0 GOST 10178-85
  • Sulfate resistant portland cement with mineral additives, type SRPC400 D20 GOST 22266-94
  • Sulfate resistant portland cement without mineral additives, type SRPC400 D-0 GOST 22266-94
  • Portland cement for asbestos cement products, type PCA GOST 913-98
image016 Almalyk GMK AO – mineral production, treatment, copper, zinc, copper pipes, cement, consumer goods production.
image017 Ryazan Refinery OAO, Russia is the largest oil producing company of Rosneft.
The company produces a wide variety of high quality oil products.
motor gasolines, diesel fuel, including Euro-5, aviation kerosene, boiler fuels, road and construction bitumen and other oil products.
image018 Lukoil Uzbekistan Operating Company OOO is one the biggest in the world vertically integrated companies that produces and processes oil and gas, oil products and petrochemicals.
In its core business the company dominates both Russian and world markets.